TOPEKA, Kan .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Dentists and hygienists in the state of Kansas can now renew their licenses online using their mobile device. The Kansas Dental Board license renewal application developed in collaboration with enables dentists to perform their renewals electronically, making the renewal process more efficient and user-friendly.

“Everyone appreciates the convenience that online renewals offer, especially when they can be completed from a mobile device on the go. We are proud of the new look and feel of our application and plan to continue improving the service to provide the best possible benefit to our Kansas dentists, ”said Lane Hemsley, executive director of the Kansas Dental Board.

To renew online, visit

Via Kansas Dental Board

The Kansas Dental Board’s mission is to ensure and protect dental health through enforcement of the Kansas Dental Law. The Board of Directors is committed to achieving a standard of ethics, quality of care and professional accountability. Currently, the Dental Board’s staff consists of a General Manager, a Senior Administrative Specialist and a Senior Administrative Assistant.


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