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LATEST: COVID-19 case tracking for Missouri, Kansas, and Kansas City

Daily update of the University of Kansas Health System

The University of Kansas healthcare system has 13 patients with active COVID-19 infections, including five in intensive care and two on a ventilator. Another seven are in recovery for a total of 20 COVID-19 patients.

The doctors at KU Hospital were joined on Wednesday by Catherine Satterwhite, the US Department of Health’s regional health administrator, to discuss regional vaccination and infection rates.

The group also spoke at length about new concerns about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and how this could affect vaccine hesitation in the United States

Care Beyond the Boulevard adapts to Johnson & Johnson’s hiatus to vaccinate the homeless community

After officials paused Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday, Care Beyond the Boulevard had to make a quick switch to vaccinate people with homelessness. The group was able to deploy the Moderna vaccine instead with the help of healthcare workers.

FEMA to offset funeral expenses for COVID-19

The Federal Emergency Management Agency reimburses families up to $ 9,000 for funeral expenses incurred for loved ones who have died of COVID-19.

Certain requirements must be met, but there is no deadline. The application process can be started by calling 844-684-6333.

The Kansas City COVID-19 vaccination clinics await instructions on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Several vaccination clinics in the Kansas City area had to spin Tuesday to use a different COVID-19 vaccine than the Johnson & Johnson version made by Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

The current supply of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines provided the linchpin, but vaccination centers are now waiting for further guidance in the future.

A Johnson & Johnson vaccine study participant who spoke to 41 Action News said the risk was worth it to avoid harm from COVID-19, given the likelihood of serious vaccine side effects being six people out of 6.8 million in the US Doses given are so slim.

The University of Kansas Medical Center program is creating a campaign to raise awareness of COVID-19 testing and vaccinations

A University of Kansas Medical Center program uses federal CARES Act funds to debunk COVID-19 vaccine myths and promote testing and vaccination across the Kansas City area through recorded video.

3. Variant of COVID-19 discovered in Kansas

A third variant of COVID-19 was discovered in Kansas this week. One case of the Brazilian or P.1 variant has been confirmed in Sedgwick County, but no further information on the case has been released.

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