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Daily update of the University of Kansas Health System

University of Kansas health system officials said it had been more than six days since they had an inpatient COVID-19 death.

Doctors spent Friday answering questions from the community. They discussed differences in the rate of effectiveness of vaccines against different virus variants. They also talked about the new CDC recommendation, which in some cases allows three feet of social distancing.

Doctors also answered many questions about how long to wait after a vaccination to hug loved ones.

The mega vaccine event begins at Arrowhead Stadium

Truman Medical Centers and the National Guard will vaccinate 8,000 people for COVID-19 with the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine on Friday and Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium. The event is only for Jackson County residents who have been contacted to schedule an appointment.

Anyone who has trouble finding transportation to their appointment can take a RideKC bus.

People looking for appointments outside of Jackson County have many options for other mass clinics.

Mega vaccination clinic logistics

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Hy-Vee is preparing for the second week of vaccination clinics

Hy-Vee is partnering with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum to host a vaccination clinic for residents living in and around the 18th and Vine Districts. The aim is to reach out to communities that may have difficulties with transportation or need more information about vaccinations to build trust.

The clinic’s first week was a success, and officers are already preparing for the next. Clinics take place every Monday.

Doctors from the Kansas City area say pregnant women can get a COVID-19 vaccine

Doctors in Kansas City say it’s okay for pregnant women to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The data shows that pregnant women are more likely to have serious complications from contracting the disease. The COVID-19 vaccine therefore protects them like a flu vaccination, which is allowed during pregnancy.

The telemedicine option may no longer be available for Kansas patients after March 31st

Emergency orders that enabled the expansion of telehealth services in Kansas expire on March 31st. The expansion of telehealth has given patients expanded access, especially in rural areas or when they want to speak to a doctor from the safety of their home. It has also enabled doctors to increase the number of patients they see.

Missouri opens Phases 2, 3 of vaccine eligibility within weeks

Due to the increased availability of vaccines, Missouri will begin vaccination on March 29th for adults who qualify for Phase 2. Phase 3, which is eligible for all Missouri adults, opens April 9th. This gives 4.5 million Missouri a chance to get the vaccine if they want.

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