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LATEST: COVID-19 case tracking for Missouri, Kansas, and Kansas City

Daily update of the University of Kansas Health System

University of Kansas Health System doctors treating 33 patients with COVID-19.

Twenty-four of them have active infections, 11 of which are in intensive care and nine on ventilators.

Nine patients are recovering in the hospital.

Doctors said while the general case trend in the United States is encouraging, the numbers in the Kansas City area leave much to be desired.

Dr. Steve Stites, chief medical officer, noted that there are 11 more patients in intensive care than the hospital has seen in a while and said he was concerned that nine of them have ventilators.

The Kansas City area family shares their experience with Children’s Mercy’s pediatric vaccine trials

“I’m far more confident in a vaccine that millions of people have received than of a virus that has killed millions of people,” said one parent who enrolled her 2-year-old in a COVID-19 vaccine study.

Children’s Mercy is underway in Phase 1 trials of the Pfizer vaccine in children aged 6 months to 11 years.

The doctors there give children much smaller doses. Their goal is to find the right dosage by testing the children’s antibodies to see if they get the same levels as adults.

Missouri National Guard cuts support for COVID-19 vaccination clinics

Lower demand for the COVID-19 vaccine in Missouri means the state’s National Guard has scaled back its support for mass vaccination clinics.

The Missouri National Guard helped administer 8% of the state’s total vaccine doses.

A full withdrawal of the guard is expected by June 1st.

Kansas City Monarchs open the season with full fan capacity

With COVID-19 restrictions in Wyandotte County eased, the Kansas City Monarchs plan to open their stadium at full capacity this season.

Masks are still required for indoor seating. Outside there will be areas with detached seating for fans who prefer even more space.

In detail: Should I wait for my deck project when lumber prices are high?

With a spate of DIY projects during the COVID-19 pandemic, the price of lumber has skyrocketed.

According to a local expert, those looking to get started on home improvement projects now have a few options: buy wood now so prices don’t continue to rise; or wait until a predicted drop in prices in the Kansas City area occurs in July and August to purchase.

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