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LATEST: COVID-19 case tracking for Missouri, Kansas, and Kansas City

Daily update of the University of Kansas Health System

University of Kansas Health System doctors treating 29 patients with COVID-19.

Twenty of them have active infections, seven of them in intensive care and all on ventilators.

Nine patients are recovering in the hospital.

On Thursday, doctors spoke about children’s mental health during the pandemic.

They encouraged parents to have open and frank conversations with their child about their mental health, and to come up with a plan if their child says they are contemplating suicide.

Kansas City Subway Doctors answer questions about COVID-19 herd immunity

Doctors say herd immunity is likely to come on the backs of younger people who are vaccinated.

To achieve herd immunity, a city must be vaccinated more than 70% of its population.

In Kansas City, around 30% of the population is vaccinated. With vaccinations for younger teenagers on the horizon, that number could increase.

‘Out of Control’: Why the Pandemic Still Impacts Supply Chains

Local economists say the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the balance between supply and demand.

When production stopped worldwide, consumers continued to buy products. This puts a strain on the manufacturers’ “inventory buffers”, and whatever is produced is used up immediately.

Some are confident that manufacturers will be able to rebuild inventory buffers in some time, others are less optimistic about going back to “normal”.

Several parents are suing Olathe, school districts in the Blue Valley, demanding mask mandates

Parents who have challenged mask mandates in the Olathe and Blue Valley school districts have filed a civil lawsuit to represent their case.

New Kansas law allows parents to challenge schools’ mask mandates, and school authorities must hold a hearing on the matter each time.

If the districts decide to reject the parent’s challenges, they may file lawsuits to try to change the mandates.

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