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KMBC Chronicle – Tech N9ne: The King, The Clown, and The G


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As a little boy caught in the crossfire of violence, drugs and chaos in one of Kansas City’s most dangerous neighborhoods, Aaron Yates has had a long road to stardom.

We now know him as Tech N9ne – the most successful independent rap artist in the world.

For Tech, Kansas City is part of his very core. It has helped to shape who he is today.

“This is where I’m most comfortable – Kansas City,” he said. “When I’m gone for a long time on tour or whatever, I get back and it’s — Aww man, it feels good to see the skyline coming from the airport.”

His music label, Strange Music, is located right here in the Kansas City area, and it’s where he still lives today.

Watch as we take a trip back through Tech’s childhood, into his life today, and show you why he says he will always call Kansas City home.



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