TOPEKA, Kan .– (BUSINESS WIREApplying for a marriage license in Kansas just got easier and more convenient thanks to a grant-funded project that aims to put most of the process online.

Starting December 18, couples applying for marriage permits in Kansas will be able to complete the application online at The only requirement is that an applicant has an email address.

“The pandemic prompted our courts to reconsider how we serve the people of Kansas, and the online marriage license application is one example,” said Judge Marla Luckert. “This change makes applying for a license faster and easier, and gives Kansans the kind of online service they have come to expect.”

NIC Kansas and the Office of Judicial Administration developed the online marriage license application that allows Kansas couples to apply for a license anytime, anywhere, including using their smartphone.

“Our NIC team couldn’t be more excited to see this improvement made,” said Nolan Jones, general manager of NIC Kansas. “Converting this service to an online version has been a great advancement that will support so many of our Kansan colleagues.”

Prior to the pandemic, a couple applying for marriage permits appeared in person at a courthouse to take an oath and provide information and identification to court staff. When the pandemic forced the courts to restrict personal service, the courts found a temporary solution to fully process applications via encrypted email. The online application replaces all but the last step, namely the transmission of the marriage certificate to the applicant via encrypted e-mail.

“Our courts were able to quickly put in place a remote marriage license application process at the start of the pandemic, but this online option offers a permanent solution,” said Nancy Dixon, Justice Administrator for the Kansas Legal Department. “We look forward to seeing Kansans getting married soon so that we can be among the first to try.”

The online marriage proposal creation project was funded by a grant approved by the State Finance Council from the federal coronavirus relief fund on the recommendation of the governor’s SPARK (Strengthing People and Revitalizing Kansas) task force.


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