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The Kansas Governor’s Workplace is investigating whether or not KDOL has breached private info


Kansas Governor Laura Kelly’s office on Tuesday said it was investigating how many could be affected after claims the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) had sent Social Security numbers to the wrong people.

The governor announced that KDOL secretary Delia Garcia has resigned after several problems with unemployment benefits and an attempt by the state to withdraw money, which resulted in some overdrafts in Kansan’s bank accounts.

“Today (Tuesday) we began a thorough review of the Kansas Department of Labor. Due to the size of the claims and our priority to correct this system, the process will not take place overnight, ”said Lauren Fitzgerald, spokeswoman for Governor Kelly’s office at Topeka Station WIBW.

Fitzgerald announced that specialists will be hired to fix issues in the department and investigate possible personal data breaches.

“We are working to identify people who may be affected and to contact them as soon as we find out. For those who are affected, we offer full year credit monitoring, ”added Fitzgerald.

The governor’s office was unable to determine how many social security numbers might have been compromised or whether additional private information was being sent.

Some who spoke to Eyewitness News on Wednesday said they received a stranger’s social security number and personal address in the mail from KDOL. The Department of Labor’s letter also gave the full name and employment history.

While the governor’s office is investigating how many people have been affected, Kansans are nervous over fear that their personal information may be in the wrong hands.

Kelly announced additional work resources for Kansans on Wednesday, including a new customer service hotline and an email address for those affected by the recent double payments.

Kansans can contact the Department of Labor at the following resources:

Duplicate Payments Hotline: (785) 580-2602

Duplicate payment email: KDOL.DuplicateConcerns@ks.gov

“I know some Kansans have struggled to get the services they need from the Department of Labor,” Kelly said overnight, but our administration will use all resources we have to improve the services and help Kansan to obtain. “

Cansans who have questions about their unemployment benefit, such as: B. Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC), Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) or Pandemic Unemployment Benefit (PEUC), which are not related to the double payments, should use the

Kelly’s office said if you are concerned with the mix up of Social Security numbers and the Department of Labor, the state will offer free credit monitoring for a full year.