WICHITA, Kan., 3rd December 2020 / PRNewswire / – The Proposed Kansas Health Science Center – Kansas The College of Osteopathic Medicine (KHSC-KansasCOM) has received candidate status from the Commission for the Accreditation of the Osteopathic College (COCA). COCA accredits osteopathic medical schools that award doctorates in osteopathic medicine (DO) in the United States.

“We are excited to achieve candidate status and take a giant step forward in creating the proposed KHSC-KansasCOM,” said Dr. Joel Dickerman, Dean and Chief Academic Officer of the Kansas Health Science Center. “Our vision is to build a forward-thinking medical school that will become a world class training center for osteopathic physicians. To achieve this goal, we are integrating a holistic approach to treatment and care with a curriculum that is innovative, patient-centric and community-based . ”

An important initiative with the potential to revitalize the inner city WichitaThe proposed KHSC-KansasCOM aims to improve access to health care and transform the medical field through technological innovations. Recognize the need for doctors, especially in underserved areas KansasThe proposed KHSC-KansasCOM aims to prepare physicians to make an integral contribution to these communities through service and clinical internships.

Currently under construction, KHSC-KansasCOM is located at 230 E. William and 130 S. Market in the historic 90-year-old building that once housed Henry’s, Macy’s and Innes department stores. The campus will include an osteopathic skills training center, standardized classrooms for patients, large lecture halls, study rooms for small groups, a virtual anatomy laboratory and much more.

“These are all well-designed rooms because we wanted to make sure we were providing the best possible facilities for our future students,” says Dr. Tiffany Masson, President of KHSC. “Together with the support of our strategic partners, the TCS Education System and the Riverside Health Foundation, I am proud of the progress we have made. I know that we are well positioned to build an innovative osteopathic medical school that will will have a positive impact on health care Kansas and the surrounding region. It is a great privilege to be part of something that we know will have a huge impact on our community and will be instrumental in revitalizing the inner city. ”

In addition to Dr. Masson and Dr. Dickerman, the proposed KHSC-KansasCOM leadership team consists of Dr. J. Michael Finley, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Jennifer Gantz, CFO; DR. Richard Winslow, Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Services; Tony Bendall, Deputy Dean for Assessment and Results; and Molly Fox, Vice President of Progress. The organization’s board of trustees consists of a distinguished group of professionals from around the world Kansas and the nation.

The proposed KHSC-KansasCOM is a subsidiary of the TCS Education System, a not-for-profit system of colleges that promotes student success and community impact. Learn more at kansashsc.org.

About the Kansas Health Science Center:
The Kansas Health Science Center is a nonprofit that aims to train well-prepared physicians and health care leaders who will make a positive contribution to the general good of our communities. With the aim of opening the proposed Kansas Health Science Center – Kansas The College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2022 is committed to making a positive impact on the health landscape in KHSC Wichita and the state of Kansas by directly addressing inequality in access to health care. The mission of the proposed KHSC-KansasCOM is to train the osteopathic physician of the future to provide effective, empathetic, and innovative care to optimize the health of patients and their communities. KHSC adheres to the values ​​of diversity and inclusion, innovation, teamwork, excellence, community, humility and integrity, and creates a dynamic atmosphere that promotes an excellent academic experience. Learn more at kansashsc.org.


SOURCE Kansas Health Science Center